We are directly involved with our sugar mills and refineries from our London offices. We can offer a wide range of sugar types from white refined to a variety of raw sugars – we can ship in bulk and in bags with loads from a single container to break-bulk cargo lots.

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Plantation White Sugar. A white sugar commonly produced for local consumption in sugar cane growing countries – it is produced at the factory without remelting and refining of the raw sugar.

Raw Demerara Caribbean Sugar. An unrefined sugar with a large golden grain it comes from pressed sugar which is then steamed for the juice to form a thick cane syrup is dehydrated to form these large golden brown crystals.

Raw Brown VHP Brazil Sugar. A raw sugar that has a small amount of molasses added to it – it is often exported and refined at the destination country.

White Refined Sugar. A highly refined white sugar product – this is the table sugar that most people use on a daily basis and is typically sold as granulated sugar.